A form designer helps you create ready-to-use professional, beautiful, and mobile-friendly JQuery/Bootstrap web forms. Within minutes, you will have a fully functional web form runs on your website, featuring client side validation, server side validation, field masking, reCaptcha, auto response email, picture choice, form logic to hide/show/jump to/disable/enable form fields, and a form admin panel to download data in spreadsheet format.

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2017-05-28: New "payment" field to collect payments with PayPal (demo), PayPal Braintree (demo), or Stripe (demo)

2017-04-16: New field "verify sender" to send verification code by email or phone text message (Demo)

2017-04-08: Accept URL variables (how-to)

2017-03-26: New Google Invisible reCAPTCHA feature (how-to)

2017-02-26: New address field with Google Address Autocomplete feature (Demo Form)

2017-02-11: New option "Save data to database", read how-to here.

2017-01-28: You can now create multi-page / multi-step forms! (Demo: multi-page order form)


  • Form Validation

    Great form usability experience by using client side validators. There are more than 12 validators, including email address, number, date, url, credit card, equalTo, pattern validators and more. Server side required field validation also gives you a second protection to make sure you have the data you want.

  • Field Masking

    Design your own mask patterns to ensure you collecting the correct formatted data. Masking will give clear instructions and joys to your users while filling out your form.

  • Powerful Date Picker

    Make your Date fun with options. Using options, like date format, week start, start date, end date, and disabled days, will help your users to pick the right Date.

  • Picture Choice

    Include images to single choice (radio buttons), multiple choice (checkboxes), and drop down fields to make your form more appealing and fun to use.

  • Form Logic

    Create smart web forms with Conditional Logic to show, hide, disable, enable fields or jump to a field. The Form Logic is a smart way to hide complexity of your form, and a great way to improve your form's usability.

  • Google Friendly

    Protect your form with Google reCaptha service, to stop spammers and bots from sending you bogus data; Define SEO friendly meta tags, and integrate Google Analytics tracking code right in your form.

  • Personalized Email Messages

    Use predefined variables and user input values to create email message for your clients, or send personal touch auto-response email message for form users.

  • Your Form, Your Way!

    Host your form and collect data on your own website. You are also welcome to change the form for your business need. Each form comes with a Form Admin Panel, a password protect area to check your form's activities, download form data in Excel format, view email traffic log, and edit your form.

    After the form runs on your website, the form has ZERO dependency on my website, no expiry date or limited features what so sever. Happy Forming!

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